John C. Kilgore Junior

John C. Kilgore Sr. & John C. Kilgore Jr. – 1969

We are a family owned and operated business, started by our grandfather John C. Kilgore, Sr. in October 1936. At our inception, the Kilgore Company specialized in carpet cleaning and remaking (resizing) older carpeting for newer room installations. In 1948 our father, John C. Kilgore, Jr. joined the business. Going forward and through the early 1960’s, the addition of residential carpet sales and some commercial projects, along with carpet remakes and carpet cleaning, continued as the company’s primary focus. By 1965, we had entered the emerging commercial carpet market, serving schools and other institutions, as well as businesses. Because of the vision of John C. Kilgore, Jr. and his development of our company and sales staff – through their efforts from 1970-1995, Kilgore Carpet grew, in terms of sales, into the largest commercial carpet company in Ohio.

Due to the huge growth of the commercial market, a national marketing plan was developed by three major flooring corporations in the early 1990’s, to establish a large scale commercial buying group for carpeting and other floor covering products, on the contract level. Kilgore Carpet was one of the first to be selected to join in 1996 and we became a division of Shaw Industries buying group, known as Spectra Contract Flooring. Jim Kilgore stayed with the company until September 2005, with the desire to restart Kilgore Carpet on a smaller niche scale. When Spectra Contract chose to leave the Cleveland market, Clay Kilgore rejoined Kilgore Carpet in June 2013.

Together, with our family history and combined knowledge & experience, we strive each day to bring you, our customers, exceptional service and value to your buying needs at Kilgore Carpet Co.

John C. Kilgore Senior

John C. Kilgore Sr. – 1982